UAV Imagery Collection

Ideal for inspections, mapping, and surveys. We can also utilize advanced surveying techniques to produce extremely accurate orthorectified imagery, which is timely and cost effective.

UAV Video

The ideal tool for marketing, such as commercial and residential real estate and offers your potential clients 360° views of the property that you can only get from a UAV platform. We can provide raw or edited video, to meet your needs.


Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is a remote sensing technique utilized to detect health vegetation using a specialized NIR camera. This process can help assess and aid in determining stresses due to pests, weeds and disease.

GIS Analysis

We can analyze your UAV data and perform spatial and 3D analyst workflows to provide our clients with:

  • Line of sight analysis
  • Contours and elevations
  • Flow direction
  • Digital Surface Models
  • NDVI
  • Volumetrics


Dense Points Clouds

This is a great example of what can be produced using orthorectified images from our UAV platforms.  This is a point cloud created from the images captured by the UAV and utilizing GCPs and GPS, point clouds and surface models are just some of the advanced deliverables we offer.

More Accurate Data Collection

The data that can be acquired utilizing our UAV’s services is second to none. By using Digital Surface Model (DSM) our clients can rest assured they will obtain more accurate results for their site plans, hydrology, volumetrics and 3D models. This is a UAV re-sampled 2ft DSM vs. the typical USGS 10-meter DEM used in GIS analysis.


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