Holland Country Estates (Flight)

What sets us apart

Area15 Geospatial, LLC is comprised of geospatial professionals that are energetic and enthusiastic when it comes to analyzing data. We are first and foremost problem solvers and interested in understanding our environment. We believe change is inevitable, therefore access to accurate and timely data is a necessity for understanding the complex dynamics that make up our society. As any GIS professional knows, data is the foundation of a great analysis. We struggle with the same issues as our clients, how to obtain quality data (without blowing the budget) that is vital to the decision-making process.

What sets us apart from the competition is our belief and understanding of the need for quality data that can support your GIS analysis. We challenge ourselves to deliver outstanding products at reasonable rates by using innovative industry technology. Our company believes that utilizing advanced technology for data acquisition can be timely and cost effective for all parties.

Area15 Geospatial, LLC professionals are ready to assist your business with obtaining the crucial data your project deserves utilizing advanced UAV technology. UAV technology is a game changer to our industry, we are here to assist you with complex data collection.


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